How To: Mermaid and King Triton Craft

If you spend time with little girls you've already seen first hand how tales of mermaids capture their imagination. This easy mermaid craft project is inspired from the flower fairies I created for my Fairy Crafts book ten years ago. In my experience, boys enjoyed making the Triton variation, arming the merman with a shiny trident was key.

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Every little girl loves a Mermaid!

I had no idea the romance that mermaids held over little girls. Celia truly believes they exist, and is always disappointed when we leave the beach without a sighting. I've convinced her that they've swam to warmer waters south of Maine for the winter. When she heard that the last of the Navy families were leaving to Florida she was sure that they would be fortunate to see the mermaids, and just why couldn't her dad work for the Navy too?

I created the first felted mermaid for the Harpswell summer fair, they were a huge hit! This third generation of mermaids are larger and more sturdy, like everything we get better with practice. They're made of pure wool roving that I purchase at the Portland Fiber Gallery. These wooly mermaids are equiped to can handle Maines frigid winters, and are sure to warm little girls hearts.

Wish me luck sneaking them out of the house Saturday morning!