With inviting smiles, outstretched arms that invite hugs, and satchels full of hearts to give out to their woodland friends. These gnomes are ready to spread love Christmas, Valentine's Day and all summer long!

The Gnome sewing pattern is designed to be made with felt and quickly machine sewn, with simple handstitching to attach his beard & hair, and trim his jacket, hat, boots, satchel and hearts. Felt is a delight to work with—besides being soft to the touch, it doesn't fray! Pattern includes step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, a handy stitch guide, and template pieces.

Templates are included at full-size and do not require a seam allowance. This pattern is ideal for a confident beginner.

* This listing is for a digital PDF Sewing Pattern. A link to download the file will be emailed to you after purchase and will expire in 24 hours.

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Materials Needed

12" (30.5cm) x 18" (46cm) Sheets (Will make multiple gnomes) of 20%-30% wool/80%-70% rayon Woolfelt® National Nonwovens*

Red/Purple, Blue/Red or Grey/Green (body, hat & satchel)
Buttercream or other skin tone (face & hands)
White (beard & hair)
Grey/Black, Gold/Peat Moss or Peat Moss/Chocolate (boots & satchel)
Pink/Purple/Red/White (hearts)

Embroidery Floss:

Black/Red/Grey, Gold/Blue/Red/Black, or Brown/Green/Grey/Black/Red
Additional Red/White and Grey for the hearts

0.5" (1.3cm) Button – Purple, Red and Green
Cardboard Scrap (from cereal/cracker box)
4 Heavy Metal Nuts, or 2 medium sized pebbles to weight boots
Fairfield Poly-fil Stuffing
Sewing Thread: Off White and Red (or Blue,
Grey to match your coat and hat color selction)


Sewing Machine
Sewing Needle & Pins
Pointy Tool: Knitting Needle, Dull Pencil or Small Crochet Hook

Finished dimensions

Each gnome is 11.5" (29cm) L (hat to boot) x 5" (12cm) W (elbows) x 6" (15cm) D (hands to satchel)

You may sell items made from this pattern as long as you are the original purchaser of the pattern, hand-make the items one-by-one, and give credit to Heidi Boyd as the designer on the item's tag. If selling online, the listing must credit Heidi Boyd and contain a direct link to where the pattern can be purchased. Alterations to the pattern may be made, but you must still link to the original pattern and credit Heidi Boyd on the item's tags and listings.