Fairy houses in the Maine woods

One of the joys of having children is the chance to relive the wonders of childhood. Building fairy houses with my daughter is a great escape from work and has brought fantasy and creativity to our playtime. We've developed a system first we select the spot usually at the base of a larger tree. Then I build the structure with large sticks while she collects shells bark twigs acorn caps and pinecones. She loves the role of interior designer selecting where the beds tables and swimming pools should be located. 

Our Botanical Garden two story fairy house.

We've started erecting a vail of the fairies to one side of our long driveway. That way we can keep an eye on the coming and goings of any animal visitors. Today's mission was to bring our house building talents to the 'Fairy Village' at Coastal Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. In preparation Celia loaded up her purse with sand dollars, oyster shells and a few pieces of sea glass. I had the more mundane task of packing food, bug spray and sunscreen.

Celia crouching to take a closer look at a small fairy house just inside the village gate.

After hanging our merchandise at the Botanical Market Fair we escaped down to wooded fairy village that sits in the shade alongside a tidal estuary, There's a child sized opening in the fence and a small sign with the following instructions.

Welcome to the Fairy Village 

Enjoy Building fairy homes, but please use only non living materials.

Yes: Pinecones, Bark on the ground, Sticks, Fallen leaves, Stones, Shells.

No: Moss and Lichen, Bark on trees, Tree branches, Leaves on trees, Mushrooms and Fungi, Ferns and other living plants.

The interior decorator placing her finishing touches on our creation.

What a joy to walk around all different kinds of structures, I especially loved a fairy treehouse that was built halfway up the trunk of a tree. There's also a huge pile of sticks with a 'gnome depot' sign.We had a great time building our home with a pine needle roof. Hopefully will get a chance to visit it again this summer. We're looking forward to making a ferry trip to Monhegan to experience their island fairy realm.

This impressive stone table sits at the base of the fairy village, if you look closely you'll see fairy houses behind it.

If you have children that are interested in Fairy houses I would highly recommend the Kristen's Fairy house book series and video recording.

For adults there's a brand new book entitled Fairy Houses of Maine Coast filled with gorgeous photographs of fairy houses and the festival at the Botanical Gardens.

I will be selling my Mermaid and Fairy doll kits along with necklace pouches at Heritage Days Craft Fair in Bath over the July the fourth weekend.

Here's wishing you summer days filled with creative magic!