Spring Tease?

I was supposed to spend the weekend working on a new book proposal but the unseasonably warm temperatures and bright sunshine made it impossible to stay inside. 50 degrees might seem a regular winter day in other parts of the country but to Mainers that much warmth in March is a dream. We're usually mired in feet of snow, that slowly melts and gives way to enormous puddles and an endless mud season. 

To celebrate we visited to two different beaches over the weekend, Popham in Midcoast Maine close to our home and York beach an hour away in Southern Maine along the border of New Hampshire.

We were thrilled that Elliot came along for the trip, these days he sometimes chooses to skip 'family' adventures. He took the photos in this post except for the one of him demonstrating his mad juggling skills with beach rocks. 

There's nothing like a dog running the length of the beach and into the surf, Maizy was in doggy heaven.

After a romp and wet feet at York beach we stopped at Jon's favorite dining establishment Bob's Clamhut in Kittery. We feasted on fried seafood on a picnic bench in the sunshine. 

I did squeeze in an important stop into the Portsmouth Fabric Company, to pick up fabrics for the sample book projects. They carry a wonderful selection of high end printed cottons, embellishments and trims in a historic downtown storefront. Jon and I longed to meander through the streets of Portsmouth but after a visit to G.Willikers toy store Celia was ready to leave. Hopefully one day Jon and I will return and take time to enjoy a great restaurant and some window shopping. For now I'm thankful the early taste of spring, and a bag full of fabric that should help me settle down to work.