Tisket a tasket a basket of flower fairies

My very first craft book was Fairy Crafts. I wrote it when my son Elliot was five years old, he's now in his last year of junior high school. At the time I relished all the girly-ness of writing a fairy book. It was a complete novelty in a house filled with boys toys. Almost ten years later I have my very own girl, our daughter Celia just turned four this fall.

Yesterday I took a break from the fair preparations and Celia and I built our own fairy house in the woods outside. We arranged branches around a moss covered stump to support a canopy of oak leaves. Mussel and clam shells make a stair case to a stone table set with acorn cap plates. How magical it is to create with a child who believes in a world of fairies and mermaids. Each time we walk down the driveway and spy our creation, she discusses what the fairies have been doing in the house. Celia loves playing with the fairies and dressing up in the costumes that I saved from the photo shoot.I'm overjoyed to share them with her.

Jon and I have assembled piles of fairy kits so that other parents and children can share the magic of creating fairies. The design is in part the original fairy from Fairy Crafts and another part the snow fairies which I designed for the holiday issue of Crafts n' Things. Each package contains everything you need to make a fairy along with the hand drawn instructions.

Wishing you a day of magical creativity,