Inspired at Home Radio Show November 22nd, 7:00pm eastern time.

Very excited to chat with Tiffany Windsor this Sunday night. Please click into the Inspired at Home Blog Radio on your computer to listen in.

I've been playing back old shows while painting to get a feel for the show. I can't believe how much I've learned. It's incredibly interesting to hear how other people have found their path to a creative living. I loved listening to both Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club and Marisa Palwelko of Modern Surrealist, LLC. Both women shared their unique journey to creating successful businesses. Looking forward to listening to my friend Margot Potter talk about her latest beading title Beyond the Bead this afternoon.

The one show I caught live was Tiffany's interview of her mom Aleene, of Aleene's Tacky Glue Fame. Her stories of how different the crafting business used to be touched home. I clearly remember the days of shopping for supplies in model and hobby shops. My mom would never been able to control me had the mega craft chains existed in those days. I loved her answer to Abby Fosters (editor Crafts 'n Things) How do we inspire people to craft, her simple answer was to teach them. Her strength of character and determination shined through the inspiring interview. The best part of listening live is following along in the chat room it's just amazing to see the craft talent that checks into the show.

I'll be answering questions about my newest title Craftcycle. Here's hoping I'm not too nervous, the dog doesn't bark, the boys don't start playing bass or drums, and Celia doesn't break into our room (where I'll be hiding out). Wish me luck!

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NEW GIVEAWAY for Sunday November 22nd! Our guest on this Sunday's Inspired at Home Radio show, Heidi Boyd, has arranged for this gigantic ModPodge giveaway. And, she's also throwing in one of her wonderful CraftCycle books too! Is that the largest stack of ModPodge that you've ever seen? Way Cool! Just leave a comment on Inspired at homes face book fan page to qualify for this giveaway! (and pass it on :)