A little faith - Beaded Necklace Tutorial and Giveaway

I find the greatest spiritual wonder in nature, which is why I placed this beaded cross on a mossy stone. The view from a mountain top, the peace of a quiet walk in the woods, or the crashing sound of the waves on the beach all take my breath away.

A couple years ago Pure Allure sent me a selection of jewelry findings that featured Swarovski crystals for use in my design work. I recently delved into the stash and discovered an amazing selection of crosses. I chose a simple earthy mix of colored glass and crystal beads to contrast the detailed metal work.

You can easily adapt this design and create your own bead mix to accentuate a favorite finding or make a custom pendant by stringing larger sized beads onto a head pin. Please check out the 'Beaded Collage Pendant' on page 97 in my book Simply Beaded Bliss for inspiration.

Finished dimensions: 17 1/4"


20" length of silver .015


stringing wire

2 silver crimp beads

6mm silver metal jump ring

O ring toggle clasp -

Blue Moon Beads

Seed beads - brown foil, steel gray, and sand-washed brown

'E' beads - silver and brown

11 rectangular beadlettes

6 4mm round crystals - Swarovski

7 4mm bicone crystals olivine - Swarovski

Metal cross pendant inlaid with crystals - Pure Allure

Clear tape


wire cutters

chain nose pliers

optional - bent nose pliers

1. Begin by mixing all the beads in the material list into a shallow bowl. If you think it's too light add some dark beads, conversely if you find it too bright add in some dark beads. This mix worked well for crosses that also featured tan and topaz colored crystals.

2. Fold a piece of tape over the end of your stringing wire and begin stringing a 'random' assortment of the beads. Even though your goal is to have a random appearance try to space the rectangle beadlettes and crystals an inch apart, so that you have sparkle and added dimension along the entire strand.

3. Once you've beaded 17" test fit the necklace around your neck, if necessary add beads to increase the length. When you're satisfied with the length, string a crimping bead onto the wire end then loop the wire through one half of the clasp and back through the crimp bead. Remove any slack in the wire and squeeze the crimp bead flat with your pliers, trim the end with your wire cutters. Remove the tape and then repeat the process on the other side of the wire to attach the remaining half of the clasp.

4. To attach the pendant open the jump ring laterally, slide on the charm.  Hook the ring onto the center of the beaded chain before closing it. It's helpful to use a second pair of pliers to open and close the jump ring. You'll hear and feel a little click when the wire ends meet and the close back in their original position.

For more beading tips and close up step by step instructions please look for my beading books: Simply Beautiful Beading, Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry, and Simply Beaded Bliss.